MARC4™ Car Camera & Anti-Car Vandal System

Imagine nabbing the car vandal who scratched your precious car in the act in crystal clear colour motion video (not just images)!  Use it as an evidence to prosecute the culprit!

Save yourself the pain, money & hassle you have to go through to get your car re-sprayed each time after the vandal struck.

Get the MARC4™ anti-car vandal system today to solve your problem EFFECTIVELY & IMMEDIATELY!

marc4 mega pixel car camera anti car vandal system

The MARC4™ is a reliable Anti-car vandal camera recorder that records mega-pixel quality video at 1280 x 720 on to micro SD cards.

NO drilling, ZERO wiring, Easily Adjustable Wide Angle, Easily Removable
MARC Anti-Car Vandal Camera system hidden inside a tissue box
MARC4™ hidden inside the optional tissue box. The pocket size external battery can also be hidden inside the tissue box

MARC4™ anti-car vandal system is a standalone system and does not connect to your car battery, hence it will not affect the warranty of your new car !

This is an actual video recording from MARC4™.  It may take a while to load due to its high resolution.  Make sure quality of video is set to 720p.  You can find more video at the bottom of this page.

Now compare MARC™ with other car cameras.  The video below belongs to another car camera.  See the difference for yourself.


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MARC™ - Reliable Car Camera for the Discerning Individuals

12 month warranty from EurekaPlus

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marc4 anti car vandal car camera recorder
MARC4™ mounted on the dashboard, powered by the car cigarette lighter.

Picture yourself

With MARC4™ car camera, save yourself the pain, money & hassle you have to go through when you get involved in a car accident.

Get the MARC4™ car camera with the optional external rechargeable battery to catch the culprit who vandalised your car.

ZERO drilling, absolutely NO connection to your car battery, wide viewing angle, easily removable.

Make him pay for it and get the MARC™ car camera system for FREE!

marc4 car camera various close up

Benefits of MARC™ Car Camera

Snap shot from MARC4 video recording
Snap shot taken from MARC4™ video recording during day driving

Snap shot taken from MARC4 video recording during night driving
Snap shot taken from MARC4™ video recording during night driving

Approximate Recording Time of MARC™ Car Camera

* Recording time is proportional to the capacity of the Micro SD card.

* Recording time may be different according to the scene of recording.

The table below only serves as a general guideline.

  1G 2G 4G 8G 16G 32G
720p HD

Specification of MARC4™ Car Camera Recorder

Specs Remarks
Image Sensor CMOS Sensor
Pixels 2M pixels/1280*720
Resolution 1280 x 720  
Image Compression H.264  
Lens Exterior Field of view
120 degress
Impact Detecting
Internal 3-axis
acceleration detection
3 Axis G-sensor
Recording Mode Continuous Recording
Event Recording
Manual Recording
Motion Recording
Event recording -
Impact sensor
detection - 10s
before & 10s after

Manual recording -
10s before & 50s
after "REC" is pressed
Recording Capacity Normal : 50%
(under "Infinite" folder)

Event : 30%
(under "Event folder)

Parking : 20%
(under "Motion" folder)
Device will enter into
parking mode if the
car remains stationary
for more than 15 mins.
Parking mode can use
up to a max of 20%
of the memory card
capacity for parking
recording.  Eg. Parking
recording can use
up to a max of ~6.4GB
for a 32GB card.
Memory Card 4GB-32GB Std package
comes with 8GB
Voice Recording Built-in can be ON/OFF
Voice Prompt Built-in can be ON/OFF
GPS Optional required external
GPS receiver
Voltage DC12V - DC23V can be powered
by optional
external battery
Operating Temp -10ºC ~ 50ºC  
Operating Humidity 20% ~ 80%  

The MARC4™ Car Camera Video Recorder package consists of :

For Anti-car vandal application, you will need the following optional items:

For keeping track of where your vehicle has travelled via Google Map during playback on PC, you can get the optional GPS receiver.  

MARC4™ Car Camera Sample Video

contact EurekaPlusContact EurekaPlus today for your Car Camera Recorder to catch the car vandal.

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