Guard Tour / Patrol Tour System

guard tour patrol tour monitoring system
Don't let this happen to your company

Guard Tour / Patrol System allows a company management to monitor the activities of the security guard to ensure that the guards do their prowling duty according to the pre-arranged patrol routes and timings.  Without such a guard tour monitoring system, there is no way to tell whether the guards are really doing their rounds of patrol according to the time schedules.

EurekaPlus (Singapore guard tour system specialist) offers reliable guard tour / patrol tour monitoring systems for companies, government agencies, shopping malls, factories, and warehouses.

Benefits of EurekaPlus Guard Tour System

The benefits of our Guard Tour system includes :

Guard Tour / Guard Patrol Package

Eurekaplus guard tour package
EurekaPlus Guard Tour System Package

EurekaPlus Guard Tour Package consists of

guard tour patrol master software
Patrol Master Software for EurekaPlus Guard Tour System

Guard Tour System Features

  • Operates with EM 125KHz proximity tags
  • Reader with LCD display and backlight
  • Non-volatile 32,768 event log buffer
  • Guard tour, alarms and maintenance events
  • Displays guard and checkpoint names
  • Displays guard tour schedule hints
  • Communication with PC software through USB port
  • Battery charging from PC's USB or AC charger
  • Supply from 2 x LR6 (AA) batteries
  • Resistant to humidity and water condensation
  • Simple and intuitive operation with a single key
  • Programming and maintenance through USB
Guard Tour reader
Guard Tour Reader

Indoor Guard Tour proximity checkpoint tag       Outdoor Guard Tour proximity checkpoint tag
Indoor and Outdoor

How Guard Tour System Works

Firstly, the management has to plan the patrol route and patrol time schedules for the guards.

Register the checkpoint tags into the system and configure the software for the location of the tags and the patrol schedule.

Mount the checkpoint tags based on the patrol route.

Brief the guards on their patrol duties and patrol schedule according to your guard tour plan.

Have a weekly or monthly routine when the data from the guard tour reader is downloaded to the PC running the Patrol Master software. 

The supervisor for the guards can check the guard tour logs for unusual events such as missing tag events (i.e. the guards skipped that particular checkpoint tag) or wrong sequence of tag events (i.e. the guards did not follow the planned route in sequence).  These unusual log events can then be used as evidence to take disciplinary actions against the guards involved or the company providing the guard service.

guard tour reader tapping checkpoint tag
The guard taps the reader onto the checkpoint tag

Other Applications of EurekaPlus Guard Tour System

The most popular areas of applications for EurekaPlus Guard Tour system includes :

As a Singapore guard tour patrol system specialist, we supply and install reliable guard tour systems for Singapore commercial offices, government agencies, factories, malls and warehouses.

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