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CCTV Surveillance & Security areas are our specialty. We can help your organisation save money by ensuring that the surveillance & security systems installed meet your requirement at the most cost effective way.

EurekaPlus - your trusted CCTV Consultant

We have done many CCTV & security installations for companies, landed properties, condominium, apartments in Singapore.

We have also done similar CCTV consultancy projects, most notably, for Sentosa Development Corporation, Singapore Flyer and Marina Business Financial Centre.

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We have done many CCTV & security system installations for companies, landed properties, condominium, apartments in Singapore.

Why EurekaPlus?

We know the best of breeds surveillance solutions, ranging from the entry level for the budget conscious to the sophisticated CCTV systems for industries that demand total reliability and quality.

EurekaPlus professional CCTV Consultant

Hence as a security consultant, with our in-depth hands-on experience and depth of knowledge, we will be the best choice to help you with your CCTV project.

The following puts in perspective tasks and considerations that an organisation should consider when investigating the purchase or request for tender/quotation for a CCTV system.

CCTV systems are normally outside the domain knowledge base of most organisations.  There are so many solution brands and possibilities.  Hence when it comes to relying on a CCTV system to solve a particular problem, there is normally a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not it is the right solution - and quite rightly so.

We have encountered many badly designed/installed surveillance or security systems installed by other system integrators (or worst, simply some electricians) that do not fulfill the original intentions of the purchaser.  To these technicians, as long as you can see some video on the CCTV monitor, the CCTV system is considered done.  They failed in taking into consideration various operational parameters during the planning, design and installation stages.  These are the CCTV systems that will fail to produce credible evidence when it is most needed when incidents happen.

On the other hand, in organisations where it was well-planned and implemented, the CCTV systems normally expand fairly fast over a period of years as the added value becomes clear to the stake holders.

The CCTV Consultancy Process

* We will speak to you to understand your problems that you are facing now, what do you hope to achieve with the CCTV systems (both threats & business requirement), your operational parameter and human resource requirement, and finally, your budget.

* We will also ask questions with regards to your future plan for expansion, potential impact on the proposed CCTV system on employees, visitors and public.

* We will conduct a security audit to take stock of what you have now, and have an estimate of what is required to bring you to the stage where the system can achieve your security requirement.

* Present the business case to the directors. Remember, if the CCTV system is a reasonable size it is likely to have an impact on the day-to-day operation of the organisation.

* We will work on the specifications of the security & surveillance system requirement.  This system requirement document can be used as the security design guideline or as inputs to the security system tender for vendors to bid for the project.

If the client desires total services from us, we can also do the design of the security system, all the way to the supply, install & commissioning of the whole system.

* Upon receipt of the tender document from the various vendors, we will help to evaluate the solutions submitted & make the appropriate recommendations to the clients on the tender award.

* We will work with the tender winner to ensure that the system delivered meet the system requirement specifications and comply with their tender submission.

Enjoy peace of mind with EurekaPlus CCTV consultancy service
Enjoy peace of mind with our surveillance consultancy service

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Hot Products

GeckoVue HD PIR spy camera recorder from CCTV Singapore Specialist

GeckoVue™ HD PIR Spy Cam Recorder

A palm-size HD Spy Camera Recorder that can record HD video and audio on a micro-SD card based on Video Motion Detection!

GeckoVue™ Spy Camera Recorder Digital Clock from CCTV Singapoer Specialist

GeckoVue™ Spy Cam Alarm Clock

A HD Spy Camera with a built-in recorder hidden inside a desktop digital alarm clock that can record up to 210 hours of continuous video @ 5fps on a micro-SD card based on Video Motion Detection !

GeniusGuard Spy Calculator Voice Recorder from Singapore CCTV Specialist EurekaPlus

GeniusGuard™ Spy Calculator Voice Recorder

A working calculator with digital voice recording capable of continuous recording for 3 days

Memocam Clock Spy Camera from CCTV Singapore Specialist

MemoClock Spy Camera Recorder

A wireless Spy Camera with a built-in recorder hidden inside a desktop digital alarm clock that can record up to 10-days of video on a stamp-size SD card based on Video Motion Detection !

Wall Clock with built-in Camera DVR from CCTV Singapore Specialist

GeniusGuard™ Spy Cam Wall Clock

A wireless Spy Camera with a built-in recorder hidden inside a wall clock that can record up to 10-days of video on a stamp-size SD card based on Video Motion Detection !

GeniusGuard Picture Eye with Hidden Camera Recorder from CCTV Singapore Specialist

GeniusGuard™ Picture Eye™

Spy Camera with a built-in recorder hidden behind a contemporary picture that can record up to 10-days of video on a stamp-size SD card based on Video Motion Detection !

MARC3 Car Camera Recorder from EurekaPlus

MARC™ Mega-pixel Car Camera Recorder

A name card size mini Mega-pixel Audio Video Recorder Camera for vehicle. Records in stunning mega-pixel quality onto a micro-SD card. The ultimate reliable car camera system you ever need!

MARC3 Tissue Box Anti-car vandalism system with Hidden Camera Recorder inside tissue box

MARC™ Anti-Car Vandal Tissue Box Camera

A Mega-pixel Video Recorder Camera with rechargeable battery hidden inside a tissue box to catch the car vandal

Portable Mobile CCTV System from CCTV Singapore Specialist

Portable Mobile CCTV System

Portable Mobile CCTV System that can be easily transported & setup by one person

Mega pixel spy pen camera recorder from CCTV Singapore Specialist EurekaPlus

GeniusGuard™ Pen Spy Cam AV Recorder HS2

A spy cam audio/video recorder hidden inside a pen that records high resolution video 1280x720 @ 30fps and crystal clear audio on the built-in 8GB memory

M77 Spy Pen Voice Recorder from CCTV Singapore Specialist

GeniusGuard™ M77 Spy Pen Voice Recorder

A writing pen with digital voice recording capability

EurekaPlus is the sole distributor for GeckoVue™, GeniusGuard™ & MemoCam in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.


"Marcus, Please let me have your invoice for the TV cams project.  As usual, your attention to details and completion of task was outstanding." [more]
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"I like your MARC car camera recorder.  The video resolution is very good compared to others that I have seen."
- Mr Chan

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"Just want to feedback that I found the PictureEye which we purchased from you very useful. We managed to nab 2 culprits who were stealing from our staff drawers."
- from a MNC Security Dept Head

"Marcus has been very professional in the handling of sales and delivery of the video surveillance and wireless networking products. He is most willing to share with me solutions that will solve my problems and he provides excellent after-sales service.... [more]
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"I am looking for someone who knows his job and someone who is able to perform the job in the most effective and efficient way. Marcus delivers in all aspect. His after sales service is commendable." 
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"The MemoCam has been very useful. It helps us solved our first theft case yesterday."...... [more]
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“After understanding our requirement, EurekaPlus Pte Ltd installed an Internet-based CCTV surveillance system for our factory & office.  With this system, we are now able to monitor the activities of our workers from any part of the world at any time." ...... [more]
- Caleen Lim, Bindex Construction Pte Ltd

“I bought the anti-vandal car cameras from EurekaPlus. I am very satisfied with their installation & after sales service, & will highly recommend EurekaPlus’s services to others.”
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